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I am having a deadlock situation while inserting records into the sql table from multiple machines (more than 5 machines). I am running following SP from multiple machines at the same time and getting deadlock.

create proc InsertDocuments (@folderId int, @entryIdTable EntryIdTable readonly)  
  begin tran
    insert into [transaction] (transaction_date) values (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP); 

    select @transactionId = SCOPE_IDENTITY();

    insert into document with (TABLOCK) (entry_id, transaction_id)  select entry_id, @transactionId from @entryIdTable ;

    insert into folder_document with (TABLOCK) (source_folder_id, document_id) select @folderId , document_id from document where transaction_id = @transactionId;

Document Table has primary key document_id which is also the identity column. Transaction_id in Transaction table is also identity column. EntryIdTable is the userdefined table type.

Any input will be highly appreciated.

Bibek Dawadi

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EntryIDTable may have upto 10000 rows. –  Bibek Dawadi Mar 7 '11 at 23:44
I would definately accept answers if the provided one is acceptable to me. Isn't it Nick? –  Bibek Dawadi Mar 8 '11 at 16:37

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Here is the issue: "Specifying the TABLOCK hint on a table that is the target of an INSERT statement has the same effect as specifying the TABLOCKX hint. An exclusive lock is taken on the table."


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