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I have two matlab script files .m (not function files) and if I want to call another script in my current script, which command should I use? Thank you.

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I found the answer.

Just name the script in the other script:


You can use run('myOtherScript') if you prefer, but it will end up internally doing the same thing as naming it directly; you might, though, like the emphasize that it gives that it is a script being mentioned.

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If you want to pass parameters to it, enclose them in parentheses.

angle=.78; bias=.001; 
myOtherScript(angle, bias)

If you want to return parameters from it, do it like this:

adjustedAngle = myOtherScript(angle, bias);

Or multiple return values:

[status adjustedAngle] = myOtherScript(angle, bias);

If you don't want the return values immediately reflected to the command window (maybe this call is in a big loop and you're going to plot all the values later), be sure to put a semicolon after the call statement.

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@ Linda. Do you mean calling function? i am confused..... –  Sean Mar 8 '11 at 7:18

In script test1.m put this: function test1 disp('test 1')


test2( aaa );


In test2.m put this, then run test1.m: function test2(aaa) fprintf('test 2 aaa=%d !!!\n', aaa ) end

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There is a different between functions and scripts. Question asks about scripts, your answer is for functions. –  nkjt Jul 28 at 10:37

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