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I'm running Coldfusion on centos 5.5. To send mail I've got postfix setup as a null client. I can send mail fine from the command line, but I'm unsure of what to put in the Coldfusion Administrator under the "Mail Server Settings" section. It's asking for these fields specifically:

Mail Server     
User name       

Or would I put them within the <cfmail> tag? That would not be ideal as I have cfmail tags throughout the site/server. Any ideas what I should do to send mail with <cfmail>?

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The mailserver setting should be the same as myhostname in your postfix configuration. You only need to supply username and password if the mailserver requires authentication.

You should definitely put these in the CF Administrator if possible to save repeating (and managing) them in every cfmail tag.

(Disclosure - I don't use postfix a lot and have inferred the myhostname settings required from here)

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You can use <CFINCLUDE> or <CFMODULE> for the <cfmail>, so that you only write that code once. Anyway, your reply is the correct answer! –  da_didi Mar 9 '11 at 12:29

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