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I have 4 tables in MySQL to join. Example

$select = $db->query("SELECT * 
                        FROM ads 
                       WHERE ad_pic='1' 
                         AND ad_status = '1' 
                    ORDER BY ad_id DESC LIMIT 0,4");

while ($fetch = $db->fetch($select)) {

    $iquery = $db->query("SELECT * 
                            FROM images 
                           WHERE img_ads_id = '" . intval($fetch['ad_id']) . "' 
                             AND img_status = '1' 
                           LIMIT 1");
    $thumb = $db->fetch($iquery);

    $uselect = $db->query("SELECT * 
                             FROM users 
                            WHERE user_id = '".intval($fetch['ad_userid'])."' 
                              AND user_status = '1' 
                            LIMIT 1");
    $ufetch = $db->fetch($uselect);

    $cselect = $db->query("SELECT * 
                             FROM category 
                            WHERE cat_slug = '".safe_func($fetch['ad_category'])."' 
                            LIMIT 1");
    $cfetch = $db->fetch($cselect);         


I want to know the way to join these in one select statement.

ads table

ad_id   ad_userid   ad_category
1       2           5

images table

img_id  img_ads_id  
1       1         

users table

user_id     user_name
2           John

category table 

cat_id   cat_name
5        Vehicles       
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can you give us the portion of the schema that is relevant to the four tables you want to join? – Brian Driscoll Mar 8 '11 at 1:28
Are there 1-to-1 relations between ads and images? Between ads and users? Between ads and categories? (I'm guessing yes.) – Patrick Fisher Mar 8 '11 at 1:34
as Brian asked, give us full schema. need to know the foreign keys and private keys in each of those tables to find out how are they related. – coder Mar 8 '11 at 1:36
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FROM ads AS a
LEFT JOIN images AS i ON i.img_ads_id = a.ad_id AND i.img_status = 1
LEFT JOIN users AS u ON u.id = a.ad_userid AND u.user_status = 1
LEFT JOIN category AS c ON c.cat_slug = a.ad_category
WHERE a.ad_pic = 1
AND a.ad_status = 1

If an ad must have an image, user, or category, you may use a JOIN instead of a LEFT JOIN. If an ad can have more than one image, user, or category, you will need a more complex query.

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Thanks Patrick Fisher :) – haha Mar 8 '11 at 2:11

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