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In my, I map the url accounts/login/ to the login module, with a reference to the template i want to use:

url(r'^accounts/login/$', 'django.contrib.auth.views.login', {'template_name': 'templates/login.html'})

This works fine, but I want to change the value of the next property, which specified where the user ought to be redirected after a successful login. How can I access these variables and print their values, and more importantly, how can I modify them?


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What part of the Django documentation have you actually read? Try reading about… and then updating your question to be more specific. – S.Lott Mar 8 '11 at 1:54
culov, you are trying to do too much in your There's no way you should specify the template there. – dappawit Mar 8 '11 at 5:24
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Direct the url to a view:

(r'^accounts/login/', 'myproj.login.views.mylogin')

Then handle redirection in your view code:

def mylogin(request, **kwargs):
    if request.user.is_authenticated():
        if 'next_url' in request.session:
            url = request.session['next_url']
            del request.session['next_url']  # Cleaning next_url val
            return HttpResponseRedirect('/%s' % url)
            return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
    return login(request, **kwargs)

def login(request, template_name='registration/login.html'):
    """Displays the login form and handles the login action."""
    retval = django.contrib.auth.views.login(request, template_name)
    return retval
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