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Are there any built in mechanisms to backup a war file on deploy in Tomcat?

For example, I deploy whosit.war. I want the current whosit.war that's deployed to backup to whosit-backup.war. Or if each deploy kept an extra copy of the deploy at whosit-deploy-20110317-211037.war. etc etc.

Obviously I could add this to my deploy script but it would make my life so nice if Tomcat did anything like the above.

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Backup? Shouldn't you be able to create one at will by checking out your tagged branch from Subversion or Git? A backup copy is good, but versioned source is better. – duffymo Mar 8 '11 at 2:16
I have my source in HG (pssh on your svn) so I'm all set there. It is not the end of the world but I would like a backup copy just for that 0.000001% of the time when something goes horribly wrong and it would be nice to quickly move a good copy of the war back in place instead of cloning a tag, rebuilding and deploying. – Josh Johnson Mar 8 '11 at 2:26
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You can tag a deploy when deploying a webapp remotely by specifying the tag attribute. If you're using Maven you can specify the tag with the tomcat-plugin. Assuming you already have the plugin setup you need only to specify the property. Example:


This will create a copy of the war in the work directory of your manager in a directory named after your tag (e.g. $CATALINA_HOME/work/Catalina/localhost/manager/mytag). You can retrieve and redeploy this war through the manage by specifying the path and tag:

Note: if the manager work directory ever gets deleted then your tagged deploys will be gone.

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I think you'll have to script this up yourself.

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