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I'm working on a canvas app and am using the Graph api. There used to be in the REST api a post_authorize_redirect_url for a place to land someone after they first authorize your app (see here for ). Is there an analagous concept in current canvas app?


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There is not (anymore). You'll need to track yourself if the user has just authorized or is a returning user. Just check your database for the user id, which you are allowed to store. Of course you'll need to store the id at some point of your app.

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With the Graph API, you use the redirect_uri parameter. For example:{URL}&scope=email&client_id=12345

Details available here:

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The redirect_uri variable specifies where the user goes independent of their app authorization status. if set redirect_uri=$URL/first_time.php, it will ALWAYS redirect back to first_time.php even if they have already authorized the app. Facebook docs not so good. – timpone Mar 8 '11 at 17:51

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