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Hey, I've been playing around with Jython a bit and I wrote the following test program:

from javax.swing import *
from java.awt import *
from java.awt.event import ActionListener

class JythonTest(JFrame):
    _windowTitle = ""

    def __init__(self):

    def initVars(self):
        self._windowTitle = "Jython Test"
        JFrame.__init__(self, self._windowTitle)

    def initLookAndFeel(self):

    def initComponents(self):
        label = JLabel("Hello World!", JLabel.CENTER)
        label.setFont(Font("Arial", Font.BOLD, 30))

        tabs = JTabbedPane()
        tabs.addTab("Test", label)
        tabs.addTab("Calculator", self.CalculatorPane())

    def initGui(self):

    class CalculatorPane(JPanel, ActionListener):
        _txt1 = 0
        _txt2 = 0
        _box = 0

        def __init__(self):

        def initVars(self):

        def initComponents(self):
            self._txt1 = JTextField(5)
            self._box = JComboBox(["+", "-", "*", "/"])
            self._txt2 = JTextField(5)
            btn = JButton("Go")



        def actionPerformed(self, ev):
            val1 = self._txt1.getText()
            val2 = self._txt2.getText()
            operation = self._box.getSelectedItem()

            val1 = int(val1)
            val2 = int(val2)

            if operation == "+":
                answer = val1+val2
            elif operation == "-":
                answer = val1-val2
            elif operation == "*":
                answer = val1*val2
            elif operation == "/":
                answer = val1/val2

            JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(self, "The answer is: " + str(answer))

if __name__ == "__main__":
    win = JythonTest()

Here's my system info:

Operating System: Ubuntun 10.10
Netbeans Version: 6.9

My problem is that I can't compile the above code. It runs just fine when I click the run button, however, when I hit build or clean & build then I don't get any results. The build process runs in the bottom right corner for about half a second and then finishes. The output box opens up but it's entirely empty, even after the process ends. When I look at my project folder, nothing changes. Only two folders exist, nbproject and src. There probably should be a dist folder with a jar inside of it. Here's what's in the file structure:

user@computer: ~/NetBeansProjects/pythontest$ ls
nbproject  src
user@computer: ~/NetBeansProjects/pythontest$ ls nbproject
private  project.xml
user@computer: ~/NetBeansProjects/pythontest$ ls nbproject/private
user@computer: ~/NetBeansProjects/pythontest$ ls src

All I did to set up was install netbeans from the debian package (quite a while ago) and set up python/jython through the NetBeans python plugin. Any idea what's wrong?

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The short answer is that it doesn't really work like that; I'm not aware of any IDE or tool support for packaging jython programs.

Usually what I do is just make a shell script that says:

java -cp "the/classpath/;" org.python.util.jython

I've found that is the most foolproof way to run a jython program, and has saved me many headaches from not-working .jar files during development.

That said, there are methods of packaging jython programs in standalone .jar files, if that's what you want.

The best resource that I've found is the Distributing Jython Scripts page in the Jython FAQ, which describes a few different techniques for distributing jython scripts.

I usually only use the methods described there when "publishing" a program.

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