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I read its documentation and it seems quite awesome. But I never heard of any application developed using it.

What are the main advantages and disadvantage of Vala?

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Half of all new desktop applications for GNOME are developed using Vala, probably the most high-profile being Cheese (the webcam booth) and Shotwell (the photo manager). See the last section of this page for a list of Vala success stories. Other than that, your question is really too broad to answer; perhaps you should change it to be more specific. –  ptomato Mar 8 '11 at 7:21

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(IMO) advantages:

  • No garbage collector!
  • generated programs are written in C which should boost performance and require less resources than other scripting languages (python) or managed code (Mono).
  • Provide easy to use API to a huge variety of useful libraries available in Linux written mostly in C.
  • Provide a C#-like syntax which is very popular and by doing so attract new developers to OSS programming.
  • Bring (some level of) OOP syntactic sugar into the world of C but easier to use than C++.


  • No garbage collector!
  • Generated program should be recompiled for each architecture.
  • It's a young language. Language specifications and API change constantly. Maintaining a big project might require extra attention.
  • Debugging is possible but a bit tricky.
  • No stable IDE and tools yet. Valide crashes a lot and vtg too.
  • Language object model is based on glib/gobject which seem to be limited. Dova is being developed to explore an alternative path but will not be compatible with gobjects.
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Just to clarify (for future readers), even it doesn't have a garbage collector, it has a reference-counting mechanism that can achieve the same results. While it is more efficient, it requires to follow some simple rules, which if not followed, may produce memory leaks. –  lepe Jan 16 '12 at 1:23
+1: I would say that Debugging and unstable IDEs are the main disadvantages today (as it is a young language this will definitely change in the near future). –  lepe Jan 16 '12 at 1:25
Working on an IDE as we speak. christophertimberlake.com/post/39654584097/… –  Chris Timberlake Jan 9 '13 at 7:41