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I am displaying a popover when user clicks into text field. The popover view has a picker view but I am having some trouble getting rid of some white space in the view popover . This is what it looks like:

enter image description here

I think my popover size might be fixed because I display it like this when user begins editing textfield:

[popoverController presentPopoverFromRect:textField.frame inView:self.view   permittedArrowDirections:UIPopoverArrowDirectionAny animated:YES]; 

Any ideas on how to make the popover view smaller or for everything to fit in nicely? I also played around with this line of code but no success:


thanks in advance.

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Are you sure you're setting the picker's origin to {0, 0}?

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thanks I didn't think of that. I went to IB builder and moved my picker up to the origin and that fixed my problem. –  serge2487 Mar 8 '11 at 7:09

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