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I am using ip address to find the active state of the machine

System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping p = new System.Net.NetworkInformation.Ping();
            System.Net.NetworkInformation.PingReply rep = p.Send(ip);
            if (rep.Status == System.Net.NetworkInformation.IPStatus.Success)
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I don't understand what the question is here. Does the code you've shown work or not? If not, how is not working? What behavior do you see, and how does that compare to the results that you expect? –  Cody Gray Mar 8 '11 at 6:52

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You could use this code to check the status..and also explore this site you could get some idea...System.Net.NetworkInformation Namespace

  using System.Net.NetworkInformation;
  public bool IsNetworkLikelyAvailable() 
  return NetworkInterface
  .Any(x => x.OperationalStatus == OperationalStatus.Up);
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try this link to know the status of the computer

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