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I am facing a problem in connecting to a specific network(say A), through code.

My code snippet is :

tmpConfig = new WifiConfiguration();

tmpConfig.BSSID = sBSSID;

tmpConfig.SSID = sSSID;

tmpConfig.status =WifiConfiguration.Status.ENABLED;

int netId =wifiManager.addNetwork(tmpConfig);

return wifiManager.enableNetwork(netId,true);

But, I keep getting false and the log is as follows :

E/wpa_supplicant( 7983): Line 0: failed to parse ssid 'A'.

D/MYWIFI (8191): false

Has anyone faced this problem earlier, and knows a solution?

Thanks, Pravein

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Instead of

tmpConfig.SSID = sSSID;

assign as

tmpConfig.SSID = "\""+ sSSID +"\"";
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