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I'm trying to create an iphone application that allows a user to take a photo of their smile, then drag and drop new smiles, from a small predefined list.

I know there are a lot of photo manipulation apps and I have seen similar concepts that allow smile manipulation, but not quite what I am looking for. The problem is knowing where to start. How can I create this effect? Would the OpenCV iPhone port be the best way to go? Or perhaps something using OpenGL? Willing to do some research, but I find that experience often goes a long way, so any advice or insight would be much appreciated.

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That's a pretty cool application. I'd recommend some type of dense optical flow type alignment method which would be strike a balance between global consistency and local consistency.

In short, you'll want some generic mouth shapes in a gallery. Then, you can crop the user's mouth region and warp it to the gallery shape to show what their smile in that shape will look like.

Ce Liu's Optical Flow implementation might be an interesting point to start. You should be able to port that reasonably easily.

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