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Can some one suggest CI-2 best session library (not the native session) which can handle/generate

  1. Codeigniter's sessions
  2. PHP native sessions.

with very small footprint(all in one file)

Thanks in advance

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i think his asking for an alternative of the "native class"found in ci, since this library DOES NOT use php native sessions, it uses cookies instead, which has pros and cons like everything –  user1112329 Dec 22 '11 at 19:07

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there is the session class included in ci

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Yes there is a session class included in CI. To load it use


To store data you can do in following way:

$newdata = array(
                   'username'  => 'enam',
                   'email'     => 'enam@some-site.com',
                   'logged_in' => TRUE


To store only one value use following code:

$this->session->set_userdata('some_name', 'some_value');

To retrieve a session value use following code:


To remove session data


More information can be found here

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