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I have a problem when using javascript in Firefox, here is the html:

        <TABLE align="center">  
            <TR><td><input type=button name=submit onclick="javascript:submitIt()" value="submit" align="center"></td></TR>
                            <DIV STYLE="display:none position:relative;">   
                                <FORM ID="formA" NAME="formA" METHOD="post" ACTION="b.html" TARGET="_blank">
                                <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME=aInput VALUE="1294457296">        

and here's the javascript:

    <script language="Javascript">
    function submitIt()
    oForm = document.getElementById("formA");
    strRequest = "<HTML><BODY>" + oForm.parentNode.innerHTML + "</BODY></HTML>";
    newDoc = window.open("", "", "");

Problem is when you click submit button in this html page, you'll get a new html with source:

<HTML><BODY><form id="formA" name="formA" method="post" action="b.html" target="_blank"></form>
                                <input name="aInput" value="1294457296" type="hidden">  </BODY></HTML>

but it's supposed to be

<HTML><BODY><form id="formA" name="formA" method="post" action="b.html" target="_blank">
                                <input name="aInput" value="1294457296" type="hidden"></form>   </BODY></HTML>

Could anyone please help please? it will be really appreciated. Thanks!

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@user649420 I would start by validating your HTML. I see errors in the HTML you're starting with. Also, use a DOCTYPE - it's important. –  matthewpavkov Mar 8 '11 at 8:00

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It's because your HTML is seriously broken, so the DOM you end up with isn't as expected due to error handling - install Firebug and have a look at the resulting DOM.

Wrapping the <form> in the missing <tr><td>...</td></tr> should give you more like the expected DOM.

Your outer <table> is also missing a <tr> around the second <td>.

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Thanks very much insin, looks like wrapping the <form> with <td><td>, can fix this issue, so I assume every <form> should be wrapped by <td> –  Uda Mar 8 '11 at 8:26
Thanks again insin! The problem solved, I asked this question because I found this html code works good with IE8 and Safari. –  Uda Mar 8 '11 at 8:38

parentNode and innerHTML works properly in firefox, your problem comes from your html code which is not valid.

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