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I am trying to return a array of hashmaps from Java to php.
What I want in php is this :
Array :
[0] =>
['abc'] = "blah blah abc"
['def'] = "blah blah def"
['ghi'] = "blah blah ghi"
[1] =>
['abc'] = "blah blah pqr"
['def'] = "blah blah stu"
['ghi'] = "blah blah xyz"

What is the best way to do it through Java <=> thrift <=> php ?

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I've done like this so far :

my Thrift file :
namespace java lserver.gen
service LuceneServer {
list<map<string,string>> search(1:string term)

in Java I return an ArrayList like so :
HashMap<String, String> res = new HashMap();
ArrayList<HashMap> result = new ArrayList<HashMap>();
//blah blah blah
return result;

So in php I can access as mentioned in question...

But certainly I've no idea if that is the most efficient way of doing this...

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