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when i run drush sometimes i get: "2 orphaned actions (comment_publish_action, comment_unpublish_action) exist in the actions[warning] table. Remove orphaned actions" or somthing like that, is that critial error? or i should ignore it? what is that means? and how to solve it?

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if you add -d or --debug in the option you will get the full details of what is happening as drush runs and this can be useful iin, well debugging – PurplePilot Mar 8 '11 at 10:59
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Because it's in the console, you don't see the link. But the "Remove orphaned actions" text is a link to admin/config/system/actions/orphan which then fixes the problem.

An orphaned action is an action that exist in the database but is no longer found in the code (for example, because the module that provides them has been disabled).

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The path (link) mentioned by coracho is for Drupal 7. For Drupal 6 the path is admin/settings/actions/orphan When you visit this page it removes the orphaned actions and then redirects you to the Manage Actions page. – speedytwenty Apr 4 '11 at 21:28

I use

drush php-eval "actions_synchronize(TRUE);" -l

There is no admin/config/system/actions/orphan page at my Drupal 7. It just redirects to the normal actions page.

Also see actions_synchronize() for Drupal 7.

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Using drush on commandline for clearing orphaned actions:

  • drupal 7: drush php-eval "actions_synchronize(TRUE);"
  • drupal 6: drush php-eval "actions_synchronize(actions_list(), TRUE);"
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