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I am using Flex dictionary to store ValueObjects with Timestamp as the 'key' for each object.

Given a timestamp, I want to iterate over the dictionary starting from the given timestamp key value.

The Docs discuss the following for dictionary iteration, but this iterates from the first key-value pair.

for (var key:Object in myDictionary)
    trace(key, myDictionary[key]);
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You could just skip all items before, like this:

for (var key:Object in myDictionary)
    if ( key < searchKey )

    trace(key, myDictionary[key]);

However, I believe that dictionaries do not maintain any sort order, so requiring an order with the items in the dictionary would not work.

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Yes you are right, dictionary won't work with our requirement, we need an ordered collection based on the timestamps. Will use ArrayCollection instead. Thanks! – stressed_geek Mar 8 '11 at 9:47

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