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I have got to download a zip file from a server using HTTP Authentication in my Scala project.I have the following two questions.

1.) Is there any Scala or Java library that i can use for file download involving Http Authentication ?

2.) Also, any Scala library i can use for unzipping the folder ?

Please Help Thank You.

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HttpClient is able to handle authentication. Apache Commons Compress can handle multiple zip formats.

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1) You can use http dispatch (http://dispatch.databinder.net/About) which is a scala layer around HttpClient

2) To my knowledge there is no scala-specific api, but the java.util.zip.ZipFile provides a capable java-api you can use

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I did not test this but maybe you could just use java.net.URL and embed the username/password in the URL:

val url = new java.net.URL("http://username:password@www.example.net/zipfile")
val connection = url.openConnection()
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