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I am using

HandlerThread bThread = (new  HandlerThread("backendHandler_thread",  
backendHandler = new Handler(bThread.getLooper());


backendHandler.postDelay(xxx, xxxx);

and found that this task don't run when the device turn to sleep and will come back to run after it wake up

I am testing on Samsung i9000 with original 2.1 Rom

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This is normal behavior.

If you need the device to stay awake you must use WakeLock via PowerManager.newWakeLock().

Beware that this will consume device's battery. It's preferable to use various Android API, so that when some change happens the system calls your code: like LocationManager for location changes or Alarm Manager for periodic wakeups.

What kind of tasks do you want to do in the background?

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thx, so you mean no matter what PRIORITY I set to Thread it just will be pause when device turn to sleep? I am writing a app that need to make a http post to a sever every 55 second. base on you answer, I had to use AlarmManager to do this? –  Jammy Lee Mar 9 '11 at 8:21
Of course you can use background thread with WakeLock, but then device's processor will be running and eating the battery. AlarmManager sounds like the best solution, the interval is a bit short. You'll have to investigate a bit. Also, if you need to check data on server, why not use server push: code.google.com/android/c2dm/index.html –  Peter Knego Mar 9 '11 at 8:24

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