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I need a site search engine to provide search for my members-only content. I've previously used Fluid Dynamics Search Engine but was wondering if there was anything that's been more recently updated.

Needs to index content via site crawling as opposed to filesystem crawling as all content is in a database. Also needs to run under FreeBSD / Linux.

Yes, sorry, not programming... but this is the best place to get great answers!

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Just a note on what I ended up with... I went third-party search and signed up with indextank.com . I just have them handle it for me, and so far it's worked out great. –  Ian Mar 23 '11 at 19:49

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Solr from the Apache Lucene project might be of interest to you.

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Another excellent one is Xapian.

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Sphinx should be pretty good as well:

Sphinx Search

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