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I'm trying to populate a form with data and validate it, artificially i.e. without the user actually submitting the form. So I'm creating the form and trying to fill its data using setValue. I'm then using $form->isValid() but it's asking for the form data. Since I don't have an actual Post submission, not sure how to get this data. It's already stored in the form, so why can't isValid() get the data from the form itself. Does anyone know how I could validate this form without doing an actual submit?

$form = new MyForm();
$form->field1->setValue('some value');
$form->field2->setValue('field2 value');
$form->field3->setValue('last field');

  //do something
} else {
  //do something else
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Instead of isValid, you use


if ($form->valid()) {
    echo 'It is valid';

If you want to use isValid, set and validate the form data with an associate array, e.g.

if ($form->isValid(array(
    'field1' => 'foo',
    'field2' => 'bar',
))) {
    echo 'It is valid';
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