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Well i'm doing project in AES..Has anyone worked in EQuivalent inverse cipher... please help me out the underlying concept in it and how to implement in C.. If any codes are there please please send to me..Its urgent..

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By Equivalent Inverse cipher are you referring to the new operations supplied by the ? i.e. Intel AES-NI (new instruction) library?

I believe it is possible to integrate this with OpenSSL - as per these instructions.

The OpenSSL C library is good, but sadly not so well documented. Others have asked before how to use it for AES.

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No I'm not refering to INTEL AES_NI....i just want to implement as prescribed in the FIPS PUB 197...Please if you have worked on it do help me out.....It's very urgent.. – arun Mar 9 '11 at 6:35
No I'm not refering to INTEL AES_NI.... – arun Mar 9 '11 at 6:36

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