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I have followed the tutorial for android tab host and been able to run on emulator. Now what I want to do is just implement a text box and button in one tabview. As soon as user enter in text box and press button the value entered in text box shouls pass to second tab and I can use that value for further calculations.

Please guide me how to do this? Thanks, Alok.

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I think what you should to do is to declare a global variable:

class foobarApp extends Application {

  private String txtValue;

  public String getTxtValue(){
    return txtValue;
  public void setTxtValue(String aString){
    txtValue= aString;

So, when the user presses the button:

foobarApp myApp = ((foobarApp)getApplicationContext());

And then, when the second tab loaded, you can get your value by doing this:

foobarApp myApp = ((foobarApp)getApplicationContext());
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