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I'm writing a PHP application that shows promotions for a certain time frame.

In the application you can set the start date and end date. There can at some points be a time where there is no promotion showing.

In my database I'm storing

date_from (MySQL DATE - eg 2011-03-05) //start date


date_to (MySQL DATE - eg 2011-03-08) //end date

The user can setup multiple promotions that automatically switch over to the next date.

With the above example dates the offer will show on the 5th,6th and 7th.

I imagine I need something along the lines of

SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE date_from > $current_date

But how would I ensure it wouldn't show on the 8th and then (if there was a promotion starting on the 8th) show the new one.


This SQL as suggested by Krtek doesn't seem to work:

SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE 2011-03-08 BETWEEN date_from AND date_to LIMIT 1 

The row holds the following data date_from = '2011-03-01' and date_to = '2011-03-09' yet nothing is returned


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Try something like this :

SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE '$current_date' BETWEEN date_from AND date_to

edit: added the quotes around the date, it should work better like this.

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That doesn't seem to be working... on this row date_from = '2011-03-01' and date_to = '2011-03-09'. $current_date = '2011-03-08' it doesn't select a row –  kieran Mar 8 '11 at 11:37
in your edited code 2011-03-08 is a mathematical expression which give 2000... Try putting it in quotes in the query. But maybe you'll have to use some Date function like strtotime() –  krtek Mar 8 '11 at 12:56
Ah of course. Thanks! –  kieran Mar 8 '11 at 16:07
SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE date_from > $current_date and date_to < $current_date ;

if you want to go for day based date, the query becomes:

SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE DATE(date_from) > $current_date and DATE(date_to) < $current_date ;
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SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE date_from <= $current_date and date_to >= $current_date

because people usually expect it to start ON the date specified and end up to and including the date specified.

But krtek's answer is better.

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Are you looking for something like this?

SELECT * FROM `promotions` WHERE date_from between $date_from and $date_to


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Please, no not use string interpolation when building SQL queries. You will regret it.

$stmt = mysqli_prepare($link, "SELECT * FROM promotions WHERE ? BETWEEN date_from AND date_to");
mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, 's', $current_date);
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