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I've followed the Adobe tutorial on how to make a Facebook App with Flex.

If I access the page from the server, everything works. http://server01.televic.systray.be/stages/facebookintegration/flextryout/

But when I access it trough the facebook app url, http://apps.facebook.com/flextryout

I get the following error:

The page cannot be displayed

The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid

method (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access. Please try the following:

Contact the Web site administrator if you believe that this request

should be allowed. Make sure that the Web site address displayed in the address bar of your browser is spelled and formatted correctly. HTTP Error 405 - The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed. Internet Information Services (IIS)

Technical Information (for support personnel)

Go to Microsoft Product Support Services and perform a title search

for the words HTTP and 405. Open IIS Help, which is accessible in IIS Manager (inetmgr), and search for topics titled Setting Application Mappings, Securing Your Site with Web Site Permissions, and About Custom Error Messages.

Does anyone have an idea what my problem could be?

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I have solved the problem myself.

The POST method for html was not allowed on the server.

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I have the same problem, but I don't have any forms, just simple hello message to test it out. what to do? – Alon Oct 30 '11 at 16:39

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