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I want a column vector of random 5 and 1s (roughly equal number of each). I can easily get a column vector of full of 5 and 0s by doing this:

rc = 5*(rand(400,1)<0.5)

I believe this is a MatLab style way of doing things. However, I want to avoid having to do this:

    for y = 1 : length(rc)
       if rc(i) == 0
           rc(i) = 1;

because 1) I have to iterate all over again 2) it's not 'MatLab like'. Any ideas guys? Thank you.

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It will be then:

4* (rand(400, 1)< .5)+ 1
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Thanks eat. I left the long variable name in my code so just changed your post to a number instead. Will accept answer when min time has passed. – ale Mar 8 '11 at 11:25

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