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I have a page with two iframe contents which are split horizontally. The left one is a tree view type and its size is initially zero. The right one is shown always. When the size of the content in the right side iframe increases, it creates a scrollbar. The vertical scrollbar is not shown for the iframe, but the browser scrollbar adjusts for the vertical scrolling.

Can the same be done with the horizontal scrollbar? I have the iframes as scrolling=auto; frameborder=0;height=100% etc. Many of the issues i checked are saying like hiding the scrollbar or aligning problem. i cant seem to find something like this. Please advice.


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I am not sure if this can be done with iframes, but other websites implement scrolling on a small part of the page by setting the rest of the content (container) as position:fixed in CSS. So the browser just scrolls based on the inner content.

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I couldn't find how to use it in my page. But I obtained the result by using javascript to adjust the width of iframe to that of the content inside the iframe, by referencing the below page. Resize Iframe

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