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I have a VS2005 deployment & setup project, that makes use of the Tablet PC SDK 1.7 Merge Module, so users of Windows XP can make use of the managed Microsoft.Ink.DLL library. Now that we've moved over to Vista/VS2008, do I still need to install the TPC SDK (to get the merge module) or can I make use of something that Vista has?

Google seems plagued with vague references. If I add the merge module for SDK 1.7, how will this affect current Vista users (which will have the Tablet PC capabilities built-in)?

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As usual, one of the trickiest aspects of Tablet development is deployment:

So bottom line, if you care about XP and/or Home Basic Vista, you still need to deal with merge modules... stuff should still work on Vista. If you're just targeting premium versions of Vista, you don't need 'em anymore.

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