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When I build my WCF web service using the following msbuild script:

<Target Name="Compile" DependsOnTargets="Clean" >       
    <MsBuild Projects="$(SourceDirectory)\\$(ProjectFilename)"

the published files don't have the same folder structure as when I publish from Visual Studio. Specifically, when I publish from VS several files are put in subdirectories under bin, but using the above command no subdirectories are created, and all the files are put in the top-level bin folder.

Any ideas how I can replicate the Visual Studio publish process?

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Can you specify that files? It may be because of custom output location. Try to set external parameters WebProjectOutputDir and OutDir in web service project and build from VS. If VS builds the same structure as msbuild.exe, then It may be easier to set default out folders in the project. If not - try to add "BuildingInsideVisualStudio=true" to see the difference. –  Sergio Rykov Mar 8 '11 at 20:44
You can read this post, where you can found a workaround. I've the same problem, I haven't found any better solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/2593987/… –  Marc Jun 17 '11 at 12:13

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