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I am new to Business Intelligence
I wanted to learn tool or what we can say as as perfect combination of tools for achieving normal reports requirements like
1. Generating reports based on different filters
2. Saving reports for filters selected
3. Sharing the reports to other users
4. Exporting report in different formats
5. Performance should be faster
6. And last but not least supporting Rich UI
Basically I am a bit good with MS tools so I am more conectrating on SSRS, SharePoint and Excel

Now let me share my home work
As I have already shared, I am new to Business Intelligence tools. Correct me any where If I am wrong. All the below information is after skimming thorough the online materials and tutorials

1. Generating reports based on different filters
This would be basic reporting feature :)
Solution: SSRS 2008 and Excel connect to data source and generate report
2. Saving reports for filters selected
I don't want to select and reselect the filters once I have generated a report. So, I would want to save it and reuse it
Solution: Again SSRS would be a option. Other would be store the reports in some CMS like SharePoint 2010 and save the data into list
3. Sharing the reports to other users I have generated a report and now I want to share my report to other peers of mine
Solution: SSRS has good use here becasue we can put the permissions and share the reports to other users. Subscription of reports etc.
We can use SharePoint also here to share the URL generated. But we will end up with Query string support for filters so we have to encode and decode them
4. Exporting report in different formats
Again a scenario where user any want to play with the generated report or reuse the data for generating other report.
So, the formats that I can think of are XML and Excel
Solution: SSRS is again at rescue
For other option would be host the report in Excel in SharePoint
Here we can also use third partly tools like Dundas
With Visifire we cannot have many export options
5. Because data and filters can be ranging in 10's to 100's performance should be really good and user waiting time should be less
Solution: Here I am not sure how good is the performance of SSRS
We can leverage on caching of data or reports but is there is any better solution or tips for SSRS performance 6. Yep its Rich UI days where we want as good and interactive UI as possible
Solution: Now for sure we cannot use SSRS for UI because it will be simple. We can use Dundas or Silverlight for creating seamingless experiance but agin SSRS is not that bad. So, any better way of doing this

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Windward's new B.I. program meets all of your requirements (disclaimer - I'm the CTO there). The B.I. template is a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document so piece of cake to save, share, etc. And the U.I. is Office so you have a very rich U.I.

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Cool will try that if possible –  Sreedhar K Jun 20 '11 at 10:20
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We have finalized hybrid solution for the requirement. We mainly concentrated on using the licences that are already purchased by our client.

  1. Telerik for Tabular reports - Exporting into excel and other formats

  2. Zing Chart for HTML5 reports - Works ok so far

Used SharePoint for authentication and sharing. Client already had the environment for intranet site so we reused it. Other software that came close to our requirement is Dundas with "Silverlight Dashboard".

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