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I am trying to connect to AS400 using spring but I am having no luck. I was wondering is it possible to set the default schema in spring using the class AS400JDBCConnectionPoolDataSource?

here is the spring configuration I am using <bean id="DataSource" class=""> <property name="serverName"><value></value></property> <property name="user"><value>user</value></property> <property name="password"><value>password</value></property> <property name="dataTruncation"><value>false</value></property> <property name="naming"><value>sql</value></property> <property name="errors"><value>full</value></property> <property name="trace"><value>false</value></property> </bean>

Thanks Damien

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That's a JDBC issue and it has nothing to do with Spring. – eolith Mar 8 '11 at 17:30
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It is not a Spring issue, but here's how to specify the default schema:

You must set the libraries property to the default library (libraires can be see as schemas in as400 terminology). This works in 2 ways with as400, depending on how the naming property is set. If naming is set to 'sql' (as in your config), the libraries value only takes one value and is considered as the default schema. If you set the naming property to 'system', then you can specify a comma separated library list: tables and other objects names are resolved in the order specified in the list.

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