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Is it possible to upload an audio file to Facebook and Twitter?

I tried a lot and do googling but no success so far. So I just want to confirm:

  1. Facebook API for upload audio file
  2. Twitter API for upload audio file

What is the API link if it is supported?

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No it is not. Twitter only supports text and Facebook only supports text, images, and video. You could consider using something like Amazon S3 to store the files and post links to Twitter/Facebook.

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If you want to add audio to twitter, then you can use services like http://tvider.com/

Another method is, start your own Audio uploading and sharing website, and you can tweet the link from your website through Twitter API.


Hoorey!! This is my first audio tweet!!! http://aud.it/3yU2d

(2 minutes ago via Aud.it)

Where I just named it as "Aud.it" or http://aud.it/ thats all!

Some mathematics:

This audio tweets can be of a fixed length, say 15 seconds, and a constant bitrate of 8kbps (enough for speech voice recording).

So, total (8Kbps/8bits)*15s = 15KB for each recording.

In 1MB, you can have nearly 540 records, and in 1 GB, 70,000 recordings.

Also for delivering a single audio tweet, you need less than 1 second on a normal 40Kbps dial-up line.

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(Oops, aud.it already exists - a design company) –  Vishnu Haridas Jul 28 '11 at 19:14

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