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I am not able to see mounted drive using WNetAddConnection2W in Windows Service written in VC++

When i debug the service it returns success but when i open explorer to see that mounted drive it is not there. I am doing this in Windows service where my service is running in administartor previliages. My code looks like :

    lpNetResource->lpRemoteName = L"\\\\\\praveena\\CIFS";
    lpNetResource->lpLocalName = L"Z:"; 
dwRetVal = WNetAddConnection2W(lpNetResource, wcpPassword, wcpUserName, CONNECT_UPDATE_RECENT); 

When i use the same code in MFC Application it works fine.

Any help is appreciated.

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When the drive is added or removed in another session (as it happens in case of Windows services), Explorer doesn't have a way to know about this.

To solve this problem in our Callback File System library, which creates virtual drives (and users do this from services), we have implemented a special shell extension DLL. This DLL listens to signals sent by the user-mode code which performs disk creation (and which is executed in service context). When the DLL receives the signal, it broadcasts WM_DEVICECHANGE system message. Then Explorer catches this message and rescans device list.

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