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How can I turn or maybe cast something to a double? CLLocationDegrees is really a double so how do I cast it as double so my if always returns doubles and I can change my findAllLocalCountTotal params to double instead of CLLocationDegrees?

if(self.lastKnownLocation == nil ){
    double lat = [CLController sharedInstance].latitude;
    double lng = [CLController sharedInstance].longitude;

    CLLocationDegrees lat = self.lastKnownLocation.coordinate.latitude;
    CLLocationDegrees lng = self.lastKnownLocation.coordinate.longitude;

NSNumber *tempInt = self.lastPostsGrabbedCounter;

//Make call to get data with lat lng
self.webServiceAllCount = [Post findAllLocalCountTotal:(CLLocationDegrees)lat withLong:(CLLocationDegrees)lng];
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Just use a cast and also move the variable declaration outside of the if - the if & else branches are distinct scopes and introduced their own variables:

double lat, lng;
if(self.lastKnownLocation == nil)
   lat = [CLController sharedInstance].latitude;
   lng = [CLController sharedInstance].longitude;
   lat = (double)self.lastKnownLocation.coordinate.latitude;
   lng = (double)self.lastKnownLocation.coordinate.longitude;
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This topic can help you ? cllocationdegrees

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