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I want to create a wap page that contains the following:

  • Source list to choose from
  • Distination list, contains check box for each item
  • Move, Return buttons between the lists

What are the suggested asp.net controls for the list to appear with the same look simply?

I think I have these options:

  • Listbox & CheckBoxList (The problem is they doesn't have the same look)
  • Two ListView or GridView (They're a bit complitcated to work with with very simple task)


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The question is a little vague on how these lists are behaving and interacting with each other. However, you may not need ASP .NET controls to handle what you're trying to do. There's a lot you can do with lists of items on a web page using jQuery UI.

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I'm just looking for the appropriate ASP.Net controls, there are many options and I'd know the best –  Homam Mar 8 '11 at 13:50
I edited my question. –  Homam Mar 8 '11 at 13:53
@John: If you limit yourself to the standard ASP .NET controls then you limit yourself to their limitations. Yes, a ListBox and a CheckBoxList don't have the same look. They're different controls to do different things. And yes, ListView and GridView controls seem like they'd result in some serious over-engineering for this task. Alternatively, you could create a highly-customized UI in HTML (with some CSS and JS) to achieve the presentation you're looking for. If you're doing web development, HTML+CSS+JS are pretty handy things to know. –  David Mar 8 '11 at 13:59

If the list aren't too long I would use two list boxes and two buttons in tbetween them. One button would remove selected items and the other one would add.

enter image description here

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Thanks, I looked for a checked list for the distination list. –  Homam Mar 9 '11 at 8:02

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