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I would like to use Kdevelep as a Ruby on Rails IDE as I'm using Linux. How do I set up Kdevelop to enable this?

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what is this? In literature and in English, you have a naked this. There are so many things an IDE can do i'm not sure what you mean. plus maybe just use Kate or something like gedit and you'll have a pretty good code editor. – pjammer Jan 1 '10 at 18:16

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You could use Kdevelop or Kate, although I don't know that there is a big community of support for these editors. If you are on Linux you are best to check out VIM, it's the 2nd most popular editor for Ruby/Rails (with Textmate being #1).

There is a really good writeup on how to set-up VIM at:

If you use VIM with all the various tpope and NerdTree plugins you'll pretty much be set.

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"Alexander Dymo put some work into the experimental Ruby language plugin, finally making it useful for himself and hopefully others who are Ruby on Rails developers." repo at: then /~adymo/kdevelop/adymo-kdevplatform

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