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i have two table in my mysql DB and when i add a new post(by php) a new row is created in it:



how could i achieve to pass the _post ID_ to the relative __pictures id_post__ ?



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After you insert the post you can call last_insert_id to get the ID the post got. See

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You can't insert into two tables using DML anyway.

To readback the insert_id assigned, perform the insert then call mysql_insert_id()

If you don't want to poll the insert_id from your PHP code, then you'll need to create a stored procedure.

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Depending on what database library you use you can find out the id of the inserted row.

For example with the mysql library that PHP provides you run mysql_insert_id() right after the query to insert the post is run.

$inserted = mysql_query( $insert_sql );
if ( $inserted )
     $Post_inserted_id = mysql_insert_id();
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