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Now, i have followed the instructions on to the T. My android api key is correct, i am using the library in manifest, i have permissions for internet and fine locations. I am even getting grey tiles. i have directly installed the app. on the xperia x10. Its native map application works, i dont understand why mine doesn't. Any Help?

P.S.- already asked the question in another thread.. still qiting for answers..:(

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If you post your MapActivity class, your layout and your manifest, you would be much more likely to get a response. – rogerkk Mar 25 '11 at 13:05

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I have actually had one peculiar problem with the Xperia X10, in that the map tiles would not load if my permissions were declared below the application tag in the manifest. On every other device it worked like a charm.

Also, you are aware that you need a different api key for development (debug) and production?

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