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In my android app , Tab Bar is there which is having 3 tabs in it in Tabs activity . There is another activity like notification whenever user is on this activity i want to create 3 different tabs.

e.g tab1 tab2 tab3 these are three tabs in tabs activity.tab1 is having submit button after click on submit button it should go to the next activity.I am able to get the next activity but that activity is coming in current activity i have used activity group so that i am able to get the next activity call.Now as tab1 activity calls tab2 activity the tab2 should go to the selected state of tab.

thnx for any help..........

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I think this article will help you to get started about how to add tabs dynamically.

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also i want to change the color of icon in tab bar when it is selected –  Sumant Mar 8 '11 at 17:03

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