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I am currently working in iphone augmentation reality application in which I have added poi over camera view , but my application is crash and its throwing exception (CALayer NAN 15). following is the code that I am using.

wikitudeAR = [[WikitudeARViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self applicationPackage:nil applicationKey:nil; applicationName:nil developerName:nil];     

- (void) verificationDidSucceed {

id appDelegate=[[UIApplication sharedApplication]delegate];
UIWindow *window = [appDelegate window];    
[window addSubview:[wikitudeAR start];
- (void) verificationDidFail {


- (void) didUpdateToLocation: (CLLocation*) newLocation
            fromLocation: (CLLocation*) oldLocation {

-(void) APIFinishedLoading
{       //arr is  current location data
NSMutableArray *addPOIData=[[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
for(int i=0;i<[arr  count];i++)
    NSDictionary *dict= [arr objectAtIndex:i];
    WTPoi* poi = [[WTPoi alloc] initWithName:currentMapLocation.locationTitle AndLatitude:[[dict objectforKey:@"lat"]doubleValue]AndLongitude:[[dict        objectforKey:@"long"]doubleValue]];
    poi.icon = @"http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/9931/parking.png";
poi.shortDescription = @"Open Monday to Friday 6:30 to 7pm. Tariff plan range from £5";
poi.thumbnail = @"http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/9931/parking.png";
    [addPOIData addObject: poi];
    [poi release];
    [[WikitudeARViewController sharedInstance] addPOIs: addPOIData];
[addPOIData release];

please help me regarding same. thanks in advance.

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Please try the new version of the Wikitude iPhone API which should fix the described issue. You can download it from http://www.wikitude.org/developers

Cheers, Nicolas

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