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>>> sample7 = """including 'quote1' "quote2" and 'quote3" """
>>> sample7
'including \'quote1\' "quote2" and \'quote3" '
>>> print sample7
including 'quote1' "quote2" and 'quote3" 

Here, the quotes inside the string sample7 was properly escaped by the triple quotes. But,

>>> sample4 = """c:\ntext\text\file.rtf"""
>>> sample4
>>> print sample4
text    extile.rtf

The backslashes in sample4 were not properly escaped by the triple quote. Why is that? What should be done to escape that automatically. Something like,

String file = @"c:\ntext\text\file.rtf";

in C#.

PS. Also, how did I get \x0cile.rtf instead of \file.rtf?


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Python is evaluating \f Just use raw strings

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A raw string does not properly quote all characters. –  mirabilos Jun 20 at 21:13

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