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System.out.println("Please enter the required word  :");
   Scanner scan = new Scanner(; 
   String word = scan.nextLine();
   String [] array = word.split(" ");
   int filename = 500;
   String[] fileName = new String [filename];
   int a = 0;

   for(a=0; a<filename; a++)

       File file = new File("C:\\Users\\user\\fypworkspace\\TextRenderer\\abc" + a + ".txt");
       System.out.println("File = abc" + a + ".txt");
        for( int i=0; i<array.length; i++)


   int totalCount = 0;
   int wordCount = 0;
   Scanner s = new Scanner(file);
   while (s.hasNext()) 
   if ([i])) wordCount++;


   System.out.println("Word count:  " + wordCount);
   System.out.println("Total count: " + totalCount); 
   System.out.printf("Term Frequency:   %8.4f", (double) wordCount / totalCount);

the output :

File = abc4.txt

a Word count: 2 Total count: 119 Term Frequency: 0.0168

about Word count: 0 Total count: 119 Term Frequency: 0.0000

the Word count: 3 Total count: 119 Term Frequency: 0.0252

File = abc5.txt a Word count: 4 Total count: 141 Term Frequency: 0.0284

about Word count: 0 Total count: 141 Term Frequency: 0.0000

the Word count: 2 Total count: 141 Term Frequency: 0.0142

File = abc6.txt

a File is not found

after the a specific file is not found, the code stops. How to make it to proceed to other file ? This code has 2 additional files to process but it stops when encountered file not found. Any advices ?

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You should catch for the exception inside your loop like so

 for(a=0; a<filename; a++)
       Scanner s = new Scanner(file);
     }catch{FileNotFoundException e){ 
      // handle the exception
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Move your try/catch inside your for loop.

Specifically, you want to only wrap it around the attempt to open the file.

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Use try{..} catch () (see sun tutorial).

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Your code snippet appears incomplete, but it looks like you have a try/catch pair around the for loop. You might want another try/catch block inside the for loop. You can have it catch FileNotFoundException or a more general exception and allow the loop to continue without breaking.

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The reason it is not continuing on is the exception breaks the loop since it is caught outside of the loop. You need to put (or move) the try/catch block inside of the loop.

for(a=0; a<filename; a++) {
    try {
    } catch (IOException ex) {
        // handle exception
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