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Is there an easy way to decode video in java/scala?

I need just the frames and have to do some computations with them. No need to be fast or real time.

I tried processing which worked but not nice and i wasn't able to embedded it in my project. I saw also jmf but it seams to be no longer maintained since 2004.

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What containers/codecs? – Matt Ball Mar 8 '11 at 15:25
In the moment it's an AVI with DivX. But if needed we should be able to change the container/codec. But it have to be a compressed format. – Fabian Mar 8 '11 at 15:31

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Take a look at Xuggler or FMJ (which tried to pick up where JMF left off, but looks semi-dead).

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You can use 'FrameGrab' class from JCodec (
Right now it supports MP4 ( ISO BMF, QuickTime ) file format with AVC ( H.264 ) video inside.
For just one frame

int frameNumber = 150;
BufferedImage frame = FrameGrab.getFrame(new File("filename.mp4"), frameNumber);
ImageIO.write(frame, "png", new File("frame_150.png"));

JCodec is available in maven:


or as a download on it's web site.

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