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I'm trying to extract some url of a web page but I cant. Could you help me

String url = "http://www.cadenaser.com/rssaudio/larguero.html";

Elements etiqueta = doc.getElementsByTag("guid"); System.out.println("ETIQUETA GUID " + etiqueta.toString());

    for (Element guids : etiqueta) {
              String urlssss = guids.absUrl("guid");
               System.out.println("CadenoooNNNNN ESSSSS " + urlssss);


I only would like to get the urls: strin1= http://www.cadenaser.com/cadenaser/podcast/audios/cadenaser_larguero_20110304csrcsrdep_1_Aes.mp3 string2=http://www.cadenaser.com/cadenaser/podcast/audios/cadenaser_larguero_20110304csrcsrdep_1_Aes.mp3 ......

Any help? Many thanks and sorry for my english!

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You should try using a Java RSS Library, such as Rome

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