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I know that applescripts can be set to run as folder actions, but is there a way to get them to run as file actions? Yes, I know I can work around this by just making a new folder, putting the script in it, and running as a folder action, but I want to know if this can be done.

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There's no simple built in way to do this. However there's lots of ways to set up an Applescript to run. However in general you'll have to do some non-Applescript coding.

Check out the info in this hint and OSXHints:


They have a Python script demonstrating using fsevents.so to monitor file changes. You would then just modify the Python to call your Applescript (or simply use Appscript to do the scripting from within Python).

Alternatively you can just have a program check a file at a particular interval and then run if the file changes. This hint describes that in Perl:


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I cross-posted this question to Apple's Applescript discussion board, and a few users there gave some solutions that use only system resources, with no third-party applications. Follow the link to see the answers.

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I should have thought of that. Launchd is a great way to do this. I'd advise running Lingon which makes managing Launchd stuff much easier. I think it's available at the App Store although clearly it violates the guidelines. (I got it back when it was free) Be aware that the problem with Launchd is it'll attempt to run the Applescript whether anyone is logged in or not. But without someone logged in you'll get weird errors. –  Clark Mar 9 '11 at 21:48

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