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Is it possible to set the values for the variables in settings.py from a database table?

I'm using endless_pagination and it has a overwrite-able setting


I need to set this value with a value from my database table, is it possible?


config = Config.objects.get(param_name__exact="ENDLESS_PAGINATION_PER_PAGE") 
settings.ENDLESS_PAGINATION_PER_PAGE= config.param_value
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According to their documentation, this variable can be overwritten by your template tag:

{% paginate objects %}
{% paginate 20 objects %} {# makes it 20 per page #}

Source: http://code.google.com/p/django-endless-pagination/source/browse/endless_pagination/templatetags/endless.py

Update: using this fact, you can set a variable in your View which gets passed to the template:

{% paginate my_pagination_count objects %}
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