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I start to learn asm using fasm, unfortunately after compile code below I get error: "app has stopped working", I use Win7 64bit. Has anybody any idea why it doesn't work?

format PE Console 4.0
include 'win32a.inc'

push MB_OK
push _tresc
push _tytul
push 0
call [MessageBoxA]

push 0
call [ExitProcess]

mov eax,0

_tytul  db "Tytul",0
_tresc  db "Hello world :)",0

data import
    library user32,'USER32.DLL'
    library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL'
    import user32,\
    import kernel32,\
end data
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This is not the error, but if _tytul shall be the title of your window, you've to swap push _tytul and push _tresc. –  schnaader Mar 8 '11 at 16:41

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There can be only one library macro invocation. Your ExitProcess does not get imported and calls the wrong address. Put everything in one library invocation:

data import
    library user32,'USER32.DLL',kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL'
    import user32,MessageBoxA,'MessageBoxA'
    import kernel32,ExitProcess,'ExitProcess'
end data
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