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What's the difference between ParallelOptions.MaxDegreeOfParallelism and ParallelOptions.TaskScheduler.MaximumConcurrencyLevel? When would you use either?

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Using reflector, I've gathered that both are used in EffectiveMaxConcurrencyLevel property:

internal int EffectiveMaxConcurrencyLevel
        int maxDegreeOfParallelism = this.MaxDegreeOfParallelism;
        int maximumConcurrencyLevel = this.EffectiveTaskScheduler.MaximumConcurrencyLevel;
        if ((maximumConcurrencyLevel > 0) && (maximumConcurrencyLevel != 0x7fffffff))
            maxDegreeOfParallelism = (maxDegreeOfParallelism == -1) ? maximumConcurrencyLevel : Math.Min(maximumConcurrencyLevel, maxDegreeOfParallelism);
        return maxDegreeOfParallelism;
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