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commiting in hg create diff files.

But, i would like to be able to look at a factorized version of these diff, ignoring all white-spaces.

I have a lot a diff files (905 files) between two revisions, and i need such a tool to understand the changes of code.

Basically, the tool would open a diff file (or patch), reconstruct the old file then compare it with the current one ignoring white-spaces and finally optimaly show the comparison to me in a GUI with side-by-side code.

Is there such a tool?

By the way, I am on Debian 6.


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You are aware of kdiff3, and similar tools for visually comparing diffs, right? You can also use the Mercurial extdiff extension to integrate usage of kdiff3 and other such tools into mercurial. Kdiff3 has a 'show white space' button (it's a white square) you can toggle on and off, but I don't know it that is what you want.

Tortoisehg is another option for viewing diffs.

Mercurial's diff has a -w command. See

-w --ignore-all-space     ignore white space when comparing lines
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Thank you. kdiff3 will provide me a great help. It is not exactly what I were looking for, but it should be more than enough. I wanted an "editor" that can open a diff file, then refactor it by stripping white-spaces. – Keil Mar 10 '11 at 11:55

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